16 and a half weeks to go…

January 28, 2009

…having discovered that I actually had more weeks in order to train for the Welsh 3000’s challenge than I thought.  Okay, what I really mean is, to begin with I didn’t actually count them I just made a vague reckoning!

So – that training has commenced, I now have a new structured gym programme and a very helpful instructor.  He has agreed I can meet again in 4 weeks as opposed to the usual 6-8 in order to change it if necessary.  I really want to get as prepared as possible, soI think the shorter gaps between reviews will help keep me working hard and progressing up the intensity levels at a good rate.

Not much progress to report on the weight loss front – although I have to admit the old food sense hasn’t been very strict the past few weeks, what with a Burn’s function event with the green job (mmmm, haggis!), and a walking break last weekend – after a 12 mile day of steep coastal walking I did partake of some very fine Cornish Ale (Tribute).  Any fellow real ale lovers out there if you find yourself in a pub down that way then have some – it really is a good ‘un!

A slight change in plans for the next few days means I now have more training opportunity this week than I thought I would, so I guess every cloud has a silver lining 🙂  Not sure that those will be my exact thoughts when I am halfway through the “Navy test” on the treadmill tomorrow, but I shall try to keep going witht the positive mental attitide, as it seems to be all good so far!


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