Long time no blog

March 20, 2009

Oops, sorry.  But y’know sometimes life is too busy happening to sit down and blog about it.  Plus as some others have mentioned, sometimes you need to blog, it can help you retain some sanity or get stuff out of your head, and sometimes… well things are going well and you don’t need it as much 🙂

So what have I been up to?  Well, continuing my itinerant blue job here and there has taken me up to the big smoke for the past few weeks.  It’s been good most of the time, as it is good to see different places and how they work as all have some variations within what is established practice.  There have been a couple of things I have encountered that have made me go “you what??!!” but they have been dealt with appropriately and through the necessary channels.  Sorry to sound vague but the job comes with certain confidentiality aspects as I am sure you understand.

I am back in the saddle with the healthy eating regime again and pleased to report that 6 of my finest pounds have dissapparated this week, yay and hurrah.  Plenty more to go though so no time to get complacent!  Mostly this has been down to my increased activity in preparing for the Welsh 3000s challenge – I have 9 weeks to go.  Having to be careful with what I do as I have been training quite hard and suffering as a result:  my “dodgy” knee has been letting me know that all the running and walking is not unnoticed!!  But I am pleased wiht the new-found enthusiasm I have now and want to hang onto it for dear life.

Green job is taking up more time now, time which the current employment system allows for, and overall I feel much happier and that I am doing it well because I have enough time to commit.  Recently I had the great pleasure of promoting 2 of our guys, which is especially good as they are not only colleagues but good friends.  Always nice to see recognition coming to those who deserve it, and even more being the one to pass it directly to them 😀

I have joined in with Stu’s Tuesday Challenge over the past couple of weeks – having watched Gottle and Omally’s efforts for some time now.  I have to say my limited photography skills could do with significant development!  I hope things will improve with practise and it is fun having a go at the weekly challenge.  Also looking forward to the end of April and upgrading my camera – watch this space…

For now I have to go and prepare for this weekend’s green job manoevres.  Report to follow…


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