The Prodigal Post

January 27, 2010

Blog is back. I don’t really know why I did not want to write since 9 months ago, I guess I just did not feel the need. But since loads has happened and since I also enjoy reading other blogs I have decided to resurrect mine and see whether I continue to make regular submissions for your reading enjoyment and entertainment.

Well, as you would expect, loads of life has occurred between then and now. One single blog is not the place to tell all of it so I expect I will catch it up gradually as and when it seems appropriate.

I am in a very happy place at the moment, mainly thanks to my Lovely One with whom I now share the humble abode. I had no idea, years ago, that life and love could be effortless and happy rather than a constant emotional struggle and distress. What an absolute contrast to things past. We are still in the early days of “Our House” and sorting out the practical side of a joint life, but I know at last where I really belong.

So it all seems to be falling into place bit by bit. Just working on the employment side of things at the moment. Getting Back In to the NHS is proving more hassle than I anticipated but largely that is due to inefficient admin at a certain local hospital. Things are finally getting moving though and all being well I will be part of the South’s best ED nursing team once more in the coming few months 🙂


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