On the mend

February 3, 2010

Being poorly is rubbish, being poorly and having to come home from work early and then finding a more poorly person in your bed is worse.  Rigors, temp >39, wearing far too many clothes and talking gibberish.  That was he not me!  We still have no idea what caused that as it seems to have resolved without any focus of infection ever making itself apparent, but it did take me a good few hours of persuasion to get paracetamol and ibuprofen in and 4 layers of clothes off  (“yes I know you feel cold but you are not!”)   Why are boys so reluctant when it comes to treatment?!  Trust me I am an A&E nurse!  (who incidentally feels like C*** and would like to be being looked after herself)   Finally (4 hours later) achieved a normal temperature and got some sleep.  So we both spent yesterday off work which is no where near as fun as it sounds when you feel like poo.  Happily today he is back to work and I feel a whole lot better as well!


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