Ready, steady, go!

October 2, 2008

In 14 hours’ time I shall be taking off on my way to Thailand! 😀

Spent today getting everything packed and ready, travelling light this time – having learnt from previous visit that a) there are lots of things to buy there rather than lug all the way over; b) I don’t need as many clothes as I thought I did; and c) most of the places we will stay at do a very efficient laundry service anyway!

I popped into the post office today, in order to pay some savings in.  Presented the book at the counter, to be told “Oh, you’ve got an old one.  They have barcodes now” by the assistant, who then got very confused and had to ask her mate what to do “cos there’s no barcode”.  A short tutorial later and she paid my money in, then I had to watch in amazement as she struggled to add £100 to the existing balance… doh!  Hmm, guess that’s why they have barcode scanners and computers to do the adding eh?


One Response to “Ready, steady, go!”

  1. Jenny said

    Have a fantastic time! 🙂

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