25 random things…

February 9, 2009

For those of you not on facebook…  I have no idea how to tag people’s blogs though so I can’t do it.  Anyway, here are 25 random things you might not know, about me.

1. I love tea. Some of you already know this. I have several pint-sized tea cups at home and my favourite thing is one of these first thing in the morning to get my started for the day. Ever tried making a pot of tea with one Earl Grey and one standard Tetley bag? Very nice.

2. I have a strange dislike of cupboard doors left ajar, and of my bedroom door being open when I am asleep, even when I have lived alone. My ex husband removed all of the upstairs doors in the house during a short-lived DIY outburst, then later on he left – without ever having put any back up (probably an act of spite, c’est la vie). It was horrible – I had no door on my bedroom for almost a year (am not that DIY capable I’m afraid) until my Dad kindly helped me hang a new one. Still, I have to have doors shut.

3. When I was very small my mother discovered that I was bendy enough to get my big toe in my mouth; much to her amusement, I still can if I so choose.

4. I have lived in the former abodes of both my Nan and my Grandma & Grandad.

5. I am something of a mug-ophile, and have a large collection of mugs of varying sizes (see note 1). This seems to run in my family though, as my sister has a bit of a mug obsession too.

6. I have been a registered nurse for 9 years, mostly working in Accident and Emergency. It has its moments of absolute crap, but then, doesn’t any job? I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I love my job and can’t imagine doing anything else.

7. My favourite season is autumn – I love the colours of the outdoors and the crispness of the air starting to get cold but not quite winter.

8. I get irrationally annoyed at people who press the buttons on pelican crossings and lifts when they are already done – it is not going to make it any quicker so why do you still push it again and again??!!

9. I have never had a “Best” friend but I have 5 close girl friends, all of whom are between 8 and 12 years older than me, but I only recently noticed the age gaps. I do think age is a state of mind and to me it seems we are all the same age.

10. As well as working in the NHS I have also been nursing in the Territorial Army for almost 8 years. My time has included 2 operational tours. I have had some of the best and some of the worst experiences of my life during those times, met some amazing people and done loads of things I never would have done if not for the Army.

11. I cannot stand cooked banana, which is unfortunate as my Mum makes what everyone else says are very nice banana muffins and cakes.

12. Since an incident as a child involving a stomach bug, I can’t stand rice pudding either. Even the smell of it makes me want to puke.

13. I passed both my car driving and motorcycle tests first time.

14. I don’t see any point in having regrets about life, but I do wish I had felt as confident in my 20’s as I do now in my 30’s. Then again, it is often said that our experiences are what make us who we are, and all that has happened over the last 10 years has made me me, with my good and bad bits. I have only recently learnt to have a positive “CAN” attitude rather than a “CAN’T” one, but somewhat sadly, the person who helped me the most with that is someone whom I no longer have contact with. Another thread in life’s rich tapestry eh.

15. I am musical, but my early attempts at music were a little disastrous. At age approx 5, my mother sent me for piano lessons with a lady nearby. I think I lasted about 6 weeks, as I just guessed the notes and didn’t get to grips with it at all. I’m sure she was relieved when I chucked it in. The violin lessons at junior school weren’t much better either. I have however played the clarinet since age 11 (after learning to read music it all went well) and about 3 years ago also took up the saxophone, and regularly still play both.

16. It never ceases to embarrass me how easily I cry at sad films and TV. Or even happy bits of films and TV.

17. When I was about 5 years old I managed to give my sister (who was about 2 at the time) a pulled elbow by trying to haul her up onto a chair by her arm. She got it relocated easily at our GP surgery and was just fine, but I was in bits crying my eyes out as I thought I had permanently damaged her and was going to be in big trouble!

18. I like to think that animals have thoughts and conversation. How do you know they don’t?! This has been a source of exasperation for several friends over the years who tend to think I am just a bit silly. Meh.

19. My mother taught me well about being thrifty, and about financial responsibility. I am grateful to her for this, as it has served me well… even if it does mean I have a bit of an obsession with the freezer… and BOGOFs… but hey – I am the only person I know who didn’t accrue ANY debts going through Uni! (before anyone says anything, it was agency shifts, not any kind of dubious income generating activity that helped that one… I know how some of your minds/senses of humour work!!!)

20. I have been described as living in my own little “pink and fluffy” world, in that I have ideals which I would like to live by. I strongly believe that you get what you give, ergo you need to live with integrity, thought for others, moral standards and respect for people. Just because I may see people appear to get ahead by lying, cheating or stealing, does not mean I should join in. Yes there is a horrible world out there but does being cynical-minded make it any better? Nope.

21. I only have 3 lower incisor teeth as one was removed by my dentist during ‘the orthodontic years’. He did promise me lovely straight teeth by the time I was 19. Well I am almost 32 now, and they are pretty much as crowded and wonky as they ever were, but they are all mine and I don’t care.

22. Once upon a time I fell asleep in a night club. In fact, I have a good ability to nod off pretty much anywhere if I am sleepy. (No I am not narcoleptic!) I also fell asleep in the Hobbit on my send-off night before I mobilised for Iraq, but that had more to do with the ETOH than anything else…

23. Apparently I look younger than my actual age. That is not my own opinion but loads of people say so when they find out my real age. In years to come if this is still the case I will no doubt be grateful, but really I think there are downsides. Put it this way, there is a target audience sector of the population out there who I would like to know I am 32 (nearly) and not 26. Cos it might be important.

24. I’m an emotional person, and over time I have grown to be comfortable with that. For a long time, and courtesy of certain individuals from my past, I felt that it was a negative thing, and hated the fact that I always wear my heart on my sleeve. I do find it very hard to put on any sort of front and pretend I am okay if I am not, but I am a bit better at keeping some things in, at least until its a more appropriate time/place/company to let it all out. I think though that emotion is linked a lot with empathy, and that is a big factor in my job, so I have been able to recognise it as part of my personality and use it positively rather than it being a hindrance.

25. My favourite food of all time is extra mature cheddar cheese. Yum yum yum…


2 Responses to “25 random things…”

  1. Oh, good grief, there are so many comments I could make with some of the above. I think you’ll understand why I think it best not. Partly, I may offend (who, me?!) and, more importantly, I’m sure that you’ll get your sweeeeeeeet revenge when I get around to doing my list….! 🙂

  2. Jenny said

    Very interesting and well written. But I still hate you for only being (nearly) 32 😉

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