Growth and progress

January 29, 2010

Okay no growth as yet in real terms, but the elements required for the beginnings of growth have almost been assembled in the correct alignment. We are building a vegetable bed in the back garden. Ours is a brick structure, raised bed (cos the ground here is literally 3 inches soil over 2 foot of rubble!) and today the topsoil I had ordered arrived. All 2 cubic meters of it! So we now have 2 very large bags of high quality soil, (barely) on the front lawn. Hence tomorrow ASAP begins the process of wheelbarrowing it all into the back garden and layering the stuff with (yet to be obtained and in no particular order) manure, sand and something called vermiculite** (?) before the local pikeys start helping their selves to my nice topsoil from the open container handily plopped right next to the main pavement.

On the progress front, the admindroids at Local General Hospital finally woke up and realised employing me would probably be a mutually good thing, and I now have notification of an interview in a few weeks. Hurrah!

** My subject matter expert says these things need to go in.   She grows good veg.  I trust her.

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